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WHYY is the region’s leading public media company and PBS/NPR affiliate, serving the nation’s fourth largest TV market, with 2,758,330 households (Source: Nielsen Local Market Television Estimates, 2020). Each week, 657,248 unique viewers tune into WHYY-TV (Source: Nielsen Weekly Cume Trends FY20 data). WHYY-FM draws a weekly listenership of 485,411 unduplicated listeners (Source: Scarborough 2020, Release 1). Each month, there are an average of 1.9 million unique visitors to WHYY websites with more than 3 million pageviews (Source: Parse.ly, average from July 2019—June 2020). Other online services for accessing WHYY content include podcasts, WHYY Twitter (55,100 followers), WHYY/News Twitter (40,300 followers), WHYY Facebook (65,966 likes, 71,556 follows), WHYY/News Facebook (49,585 likes, 51,616 follows), and YouTube (59,000 subscribers). Each year, WHYY further serves the community through “off-air” programs such as community forums, artistic performances, and lectures, and in-school media programs.


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