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Nonprofit news is grounded in public service, valuing facts over opinions and people over profit. As local newspapers are shutting down, an expanding network of nonprofit newsrooms is filling critical information needs and producing quality journalism on the issues that affect our everyday lives.

About this website

Why give to nonprofit news?

A core distinction of the nonprofit news business is that revenue — whether from individuals, philanthropic funders, or business sponsors — is reinvested in the organization, not an owner’s bank account. This model places the public’s interest at the center of their journalism. When people have access to this type of mission-oriented work, they are emboldened to make informed decisions for their families and communities.

Nonprofit news puts the power where it belongs, with the people. But it can’t survive without community support.

Find a newsroom to support

FindYourNews.org is a place for you to discover and connect with nonprofit newsrooms that are producing fact-based, public service journalism across North America.

Whether you are a resident looking to find a newsroom in your neighborhood or a funder exploring opportunities to support the field, this site is designed to help you learn about quality news sources.

All newsrooms listed on the site are required to be members of the Institute of Nonprofit News (INN). To be a member of INN, a news organization must be organized as a 501(c)(3) corporation or be fiscally sponsored by one.

Newsrooms in the INN network uphold standards for editorial independence, excellence in news coverage, and ethical behavior – including transparency about their funding.

From local news to in-depth reporting on pressing global issues, INN’s members tell stories that otherwise would go untold – connecting communities, holding the powerful accountable, and strengthening democracy.

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About the Institute
for Nonprofit News (INN)

The Institute for Nonprofit News (INN) leads a network of more than 360 newsrooms — all nonprofit, nonpartisan, and dedicated to public service.

Our vision is to build a nonprofit news network that ensures all people in every community have access to trusted news. Over the last decade, INN has played a crucial role in building the nonprofit news field with services and programs that provide education and business support to members and promote the value and impact of nonprofit journalism.

Grounded in hard data and the lived experience of our members, INN has an unparalleled depth of knowledge about nonprofit news. We use our informed perspective to design services with transformative potential for nonprofit newsrooms and the communities they serve.

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