Radio Ambulante and El hilo

Bold stories from Latin America


Radio Ambulante the podcast has evolved into Radio Ambulante Studios, a Spanish language audio production company, producing two distinct shows for Latin American and US Latinx audiences. Despite this change, we remain committed to our mission of bringing greater understanding of Latin American and Latinx communities through well-told, rigorously reported, and expertly produced audio journalism, offering audiences a nuanced portrait of a complex and vitally important region.

About our journalism

We give voice to the diverse experiences of Latin Americans and of Spanish speakers across borders.

Our flagship podcast, the eponymous Radio Ambulante, produces episodes that are a mix of investigative journalism, interviews, and storytelling and cover a range of topics, from migrant communities in the United States and the refugee crisis in Venezuela to youth culture in Honduras and “killer bees” in Brazil.

We recently expanded our audio-journalism work with the Spanish weekly news podcast El hilo. El hilo engages reporters and experts across the Americas to unpack the most relevant news story from Latin America each week. Recent episodes have focused on the COVID-19 crisis in the Amazonian city of Manaus, the state of American democracy after the 2020 election, and overfishing near the Galapagos Islands.


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