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Our mission is to provide well-researched, reliable reporting that makes government more transparent, holds local business leaders and elected officials accountable and amplify voices not always heard from in traditional media. We provide our news free, as a public service, filling the void left by decreased reporting on our local communities because a well-informed public is the bedrock of democracy.

About our journalism

We produce hard-hitting accountability journalism. In the nearly three years VoxPopuli has been publishing, we have broken many local political stories. We exposed an Ocoee city commissioner who broke campaign finance law, soliciting donations from city hall. We exposed a candidate running in an Ocoee election from Orlando, exposing a loophole in the city’s charter that permitted it and led to a charter amendment to close the loophole that will be voted on in March. We reported on Winter Garden’s blind spot for the Jewish community, its silence in the face of back-to-back hate-speech incidents (anti-LGBTQ+ and neo-Nazi) and its passing of unconstitutional rules barring journalists from asking elected officials questions at city meetings. And we’ve reported on the town of Windermere’s overreach in trying to grab five historic boathouses that have been privately owned for more than 100 years. When there’s government malfeasance in West Orange County, we report it.





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