Indigenous-centered reporting in the Pacific Northwest


Underscore News is a nonprofit investigative newsroom committed to in-depth, Indigenous-centered reporting in the Pacific Northwest. We aim to produce impactful, revelatory stories that might otherwise go unreported and unheard, with an exclusive focus on tribal communities and issues impacting them.

About our journalism

Our reporting is rooted in relationship-building, on-the-ground understanding of Pacific Northwest Indigenous communities and a commitment to honoring historical context and cultural nuance while avoiding the stereotypes that have marred much reporting on Native issues and communities. We approach our work holistically, reporting on everything from complex legal and policy issues — including investigations into systemic inequities and injustices — to profiles and features that showcase the strength, vibrancy and rich diversity of Indigenous cultures. Through this work, we seek to forge a more equitable media ecosystem, strengthen democracy, improve diversity and representation in journalism, and demonstrate that innovative nonprofit models offer a better path forward for a news industry in crisis.


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