Stories about people and the planet.


We create audio journalism that deepens our understanding of each other and our complex connections with the natural world.

About our journalism

Threshold is a Peabody Award-winning audio documentary program that has been downloaded over 1.2 million times as a podcast and heard by millions more on public radio.

Each season, Threshold tackles one pressing environmental issue, taking listeners on a journey to meet the places and people most directly involved, and making connections between history, culture, science and politics.

Through the power of storytelling, our listeners learn without feeling preached to, empathize with people they didn’t expect to like, and imagine things they didn’t think were possible. We transform complex scientific information into stories that live and breathe, and open up space for deeper, more nuanced conversations to occur.

Our goal is to create compelling, in-depth news stories that spark emotion, generate new thoughts and questions, and invite as many people as possible into the conversation about the defining environmental issues of our time.


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