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At The Trace, we’re building the only team of reporters and editors dedicated to covering our country’s gun violence crisis. We use the power of journalism to improve public understanding, increase accountability, and identify solutions that can lead to safer homes and communities for all.

About our journalism

Every year in our country, firearms are used in nearly 500,000 crimes, resulting in the deaths and injuries of more than 110,000 people. Shootings devastate families and communities and drain billions of dollars from local, state, and federal governments.

Gun violence is also the kind of complex, persistent issue that many for-profit news outlets can no longer afford to cover consistently or in-depth. But as a nonprofit organization funded by grants and donations, The Trace is able to provide in-depth reporting that doesn’t let up after the latest high-profile shooting leaves the front page.

To increase the reach of our journalism, we have co-published articles with more than 250 partners. Reporting by The Trace has created significant impact, leading to government investigations and life-saving policy reforms while also connecting residents of disproportionately affected communities with resources for healing, recovery, and civic action.


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