The Riverside Record

Putting community back in community news.


The Riverside Record is not your average newsroom.

We don’t just tell the stories of the communities we seek to serve, we provide our neighbors with a platform to tell those stories themselves.

We prioritize context and insight over hype and sensationalism, striving to connect people through a shared love for their communities.

We hold those in positions of power accountable through in-depth, hyperlocal, and easy-to-understand reporting that is delivered to your inbox every morning.

We invite the community to collaborate with us at every step of the way, and hope you’ll join us as we work to bring high-quality, independently-owned local journalism back to the Inland Empire.

About our journalism

The Riverside Record is a community-first, nonprofit digital newsroom launching in the fall of 2022 in Riverside County, California. With more than a decade of experience in newsrooms across the country, founder Alicia Ramirez hopes to bring to the county a community news outlet for the digital age.

With her experience as a journalist and commitment to serving all of the communities of Riverside County to guide her, she seeks to create a space for community members to not only talk about the news of the day but help create it. Community engagement is at the core of the business and helps steer the ship that is The Riverside Record.


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