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A People Without A Voice Cannot Be Heard


The Atlanta Voice’s vision is to help shape the narrative about the African American diaspora by producing and distributing compelling informative and educational content across multiple platforms that will focus the world’s attention on what it truly means to be Black in America.

About our journalism

We are the most widely read and most highly respected voice of African American Atlanta. Born out of the Civil Rights Movement, as a newspaper, The Atlanta Voice has chronicled one of the most significant, volatile, and important eras of American history.  The Atlanta Voice has been informing educating and engaging one of America’s most dynamic and influential communities for 57 years and counting. Our archives reflect the unique relationship between an active citizenry and a nation coming of age at a very difficult time. As we transition into the digital and social space, we continue to be the respected voice of African American Atlanta. We show our audience what’s now and what’s next without forsaking our illustrious past.


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