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The Appeal is a nonprofit news organization dedicated to exposing how the U.S. criminal legal system fails to keep people safe and, instead, perpetuates harm. Our work shows the human and economic costs of our expansive carceral system, equips people with the tools to make change, and elevates solutions that seek to create a safer society without clinging to punitive responses. We produce fact-based reporting and analysis that center the voices of the people affected most by our country’s over-reliance on policing, jails, and prisons. We have a special focus on communities and policy debates often ignored by traditional national media, or lost in the consolidation and closure of local news outlets. The U.S. criminal legal system carries with it centuries of entrenched, systemic racism that must be addressed at all levels. Each year, police make more than 10 million arrests, which disproportionately involve Black and brown people. On any given day, over 2 million people are incarcerated, and over 4 millio


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2018, but will relaunch in 2021