SPOTLIGHTDC: Capital City Fund for Investigative Journalism OUR MISSION SpotlightDC is an independent, non-profit fund based in Washington, D.C., that supports groundbreaking, original, fair-minded, investigative and explanatory journalism projects focused on the District of Columbia and its surrounding region. We will invest in high-impact, deeply reported projects that shed light on underreported subjects, hold the powerful to account and serve the public interest. WHY SPOTLIGHTDC? We have witnessed an alarming decline of reporting on local matters in the past decade, but funding and focus necessary for long term reporting has all but vanished. Meanwhile, DC’s government budget has ballooned to $15.5 billion with scant oversight. Fairfax County, just over the Potomac River — Virginia’s most populous county and the third wealthiest in the U.S. — is virtually uncovered. SpotlightDC will fund projects that focus on the District of Columbia and cover cross-cutting subjects such as crime, transportation o


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