Shelterforce is an independent publication that serves (and sometimes challenges) community development practitioners across the United States.

About our journalism

Shelterforce is the only independent, non-academic publication covering the worlds of community development, affordable housing, and neighborhood stabilization.

Dedicated from the beginning to everyone working to empower and support low-income communities, Shelterforce provides a venue for conversations that need to be had—on topics from community planning to racial equity, housing affordability to homeownership, and the future of community development.

In the publication’s last reader survey, over 80 percent of respondents said Shelterforce helped them answer questions about their work; nearly 95 percent said they regularly learned things from Shelterforce; over 30 percent said they had used Shelterforce articles to directly affect change, internally or externally; and 65 percent said Shelterforce regularly caused them to change their minds.


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