Retro Report, Inc.

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Retro Report’s mission is to inject context into today’s news cycle. We use the clear lends of history to bring greater understanding of current events and to fight misinformation.

About our journalism

Retro Report is unique among journalism organisations. We use historical reporting to give people context and understanding of today’s most important stories. We use fresh, investigative reporting and compelling storytelling that offers new insights into events that are all too often reported today but forgotten tomorrow. We operate with the conviction that an engaging and forward-looking review of high-profile events, and the news coverage surrounding them, is critical to understanding the lessons of history and developing robust civic literacy. We are not engaged in solutions based journalism nor advocacy. We are fact-based and non-partisan in our reporting. Our work reaches millions of viewers through multiple distribution channels including digital editions of The New York Times, The New Yorker, Politico, NPR, Quartz, PBS, and The Atlantic, among others.


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