Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP)

It takes a network to fight a network.


MISSION: To spread and strengthen investigative journalism around the world and expose crime and corruption so the public can hold power to account.

Our work has four main pillars:

Investigations – We lead collaborative cross-border projects and publish hard-hitting stories.

Infrastructure – We provide training, tools, and resources so investigative outlets can thrive.

Innovation – We develop new technology and solutions that serve the field of journalism.

Impact – We accelerate the fight against global crime and corruption with groundbreaking partnerships.

About our journalism

With staff across six continents and hubs in Amsterdam, Washington, D.C., and Sarajevo, OCCRP is one of the largest investigative journalism organizations in the world. We are a mission-driven nonprofit newsroom that partners with other media outlets to publish stories that spur action. OCCRP is also a media development platform that advances investigative reporting worldwide.


Washington, DC, USA



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