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Our mission is to inspire greater economic, environmental, and social justice in cities. Next City’s civic-minded reporting makes urban places more effective, equitable and sustainable. We supply changemakers with information that fuels their fight for low-income neighborhoods.

About our journalism

As a solutions journalism practitioner, we focus the world’s attention on good ideas that we hope will grow. “Solutions journalism” doesn’t mean “feel-good” stories. What we produce are rigorously reported stories on responses to serious problems. Our founders believed that the media overemphasized what’s wrong in cities. We shed light on what’s right. Research has found that when news stories discuss potential answers to problems, readers leave feeling more knowledgeable and empowered to solve them. Readers are statistically more likely to act, to donate to support an organization, and to evolve their opinion. Where solutions journalism is healthy, America has more informed and engaged communities.


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