Connecting the Latino Community


To encourage and support increased civic engagement by members of underserved populations by producing and distributing news, training, and current events information (“Content”) in the Spanish language. The purpose of the Content is to provide underserved populations with the knowledge necessary to engage in in-depth analysis and become advocates for good government, human rights, community, education, and social progress in Wisconsin. To support the development of new Hispanic & Latino journalists to support this purpose and to promote critical thinking and robust debate in the areas of government accountability, civil rights, racism, and equality among all peoples.

About our journalism

“If I had know that the major news outlets were not attend press conferences and that there were no questions being asked from within our community, I would have created MIWISCONSIN 20 years ago. The pandemic shows us a hard reality: we have been hidden away because no one asked questions that impacted our community directly and we have missed out on millions of opportunity because no one ever told us they even existed. The hispanic community should defend and monetarily support news outlets and journalists that work to defend their communities.” – Alejandro Riano, CEO and Founder of MIWSISCONSIN.ORG


Madison, WI, USA



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