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Bridging divides to move Mississippi forward.


The mission of the Mississippi Free Press, a nonprofit statewide news organization that launched in March 2020, is to publish deep public-interest reporting into causes of and solutions to the social, political, and structural challenges and inequities facing all Mississippians and their communities.

About our journalism

Mississippians need to know each other across regions despite geographic and other differences. We are introducing Mississippians to each other through our deep systemic and accountability reporting and people-focused storytelling, and by convening online and physical “solutions circles,” using our statewide networks to ensure inclusivity and representation. A diverse mix of mostly native Mississippians bring award-winning and impactful journalism expertise, institutional knowledge, and a wide range of professional and life experiences to the MFP. Our advisers are historians, race-equity experts, former mayors, family members of civil-rights heroes, and other knowledgeable Mississippians focused on progress in our state.


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