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MindSite News is a new nonprofit, nonpartisan digital journalism organization dedicated to reporting on mental health in America, exposing rampant policy failures and spotlighting efforts to solve them. We seek to create and sustain a sense of national urgency about the workings and failings of the U.S. mental health system and to impact that system through our reporting, making it more equitable, effective, transparent and humane in its care for individuals and families struggling with mental illness.

About our journalism

A mental health crisis has been building in the U.S. for years, created by a fractured mental health system, a pattern of discrimination against communities of color, and a history of criminalizing mental illness. MindSite News builds awareness of these issues.

The failure to create effective prevention and treatment programs and provide insurance coverage for mental health has left millions of people struggling. Use of policing and incarceration to manage people with mental health disorders causes suffering, fails to meet people’s needs and wastes public funds. These problems exploded during the pandemic, alongside a reckoning over racial justice.

As the only news site dedicated to in-depth mental health reporting, we Investigate the failings of the system and highlight solutions with the potential to create change. We also cover arts and culture, review books track, research and policy, interview key leaders, and send a daily newsletter. We partner broadly with other outlets to disseminate our work.


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