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To empower people to be informed community members through innovative, investigative journalism covering the most pressing issues affecting central Ohio.

About our journalism

Matter is a digital news source for all of us who receive too much information and not enough context. We investigate the most pressing issues in Columbus and share the stories we find in videos, articles, podcasts, games and more. We are also one of the only locally-owned, nonprofit independent news outlets in Columbus, and most importantly, our content is free and accessible.

Our leadership, reporters, and board are a diverse mix of people from various backgrounds, resembling the larger Columbus community.

We designed an intentional model that takes what works in traditional journalism and combines it with carefully crafted changes to make our journalism more accessible and impactful.

Rather than scratching the surface of a slew of topics, we dive deep into specific issues affecting people in central Ohio in order to provide better context to things that matter. We have 2 open investigations and they’re into local policing and development issues – and solutions.


Columbus, OH, USA

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