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In These Times is an independent, nonprofit magazine dedicated to advancing democracy and economic justice, informing movements for a more humane world, and providing an accessible forum for debate about the policies that shape our future.

About our journalism

In 1976, author and historian James Weinstein (1926−2005) moved to Chicago to launch an independent publication to inform and critically analyze the emerging new movements on the American left. Weinstein was joined in establishing In These Times (ITT) by “Founding Sponsors” and noted intellectuals Julian Bond, Noam Chomsky, Barbara Ehrenreich, Daniel Ellsberg, Herbert Marcuse and E.P. Thompson.
Over the years, ITT carved out a unique space on the left—bridging coverage of social movements with progressive electoral politics. Our archives reflect a decades-long commitment to chronicling and informing popular movements for social, economic, racial and environmental justice.
Since the beginning, ITT has been at the forefront of such critical issues, reporting the ideas, strategies and tactics that are emerging from on-the-ground organizing efforts across the country. We seek to not only give crucial oxygen to progressive efforts but to insist that movement demands be part of political conversation.


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