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We want to be open and clear with readers about the standards that guide our work every day. We strive to meet every one of these. We never intentionally disregard these principles. When we fail, bad information, speed, or inadequate experience is to blame.

About our journalism

Residents of Oregon’s Highway 58 corridor are intensely interested and involved in their communities – and very demanding of them. But the demise of traditional media and news coverage by even the smallest newspapers has left a void of clear, contextual, straight news reporting to help people understand what is going on. Our mission: Fill that vacuum. And our pledge: Do it with the highest of professional standards.

Here at The Herald we have a rather folksy explanation for that pledge: If you live in one of our rural towns and find yourself needing an appendectomy, you’re going to want the same high level of surgical excellence that anyone in a larger community would demand to receive. We feel you should be no less demanding of your local journalism.


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