Global Reporting Centre

Global journalism, done differently.


The most impactful stories are the ones we tell together. That’s why our approach to journalism is collaborative at its core.

About our journalism

We partner with media outlets and journalists best suited to tell the story, in whatever medium fits best. We also work with researchers and universities to broaden our understanding of complex issues, and with local sources to ensure that our stories serve the communities we report in—whether that’s through local publications, events or translations.

We know it’s important to be connected with communities, to understand their complexities and perspectives, and to understand the long-term impact of reporting. Although this approach is more complicated, we believe that a diversity of voices, expertise, creativity and skills makes our stories better.

Some stories require new ways of doing journalism. That might mean producing a documentary that inverts the role of subject and filmmaker. Or creating open-source tools, guides and research. Or simply spending the time and resources to stick with a complex story as long as necessary to get it right.


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