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The mission of the Free Press is to provide local, nonpartisan, and independent journalism that fosters social cohesion, encourages community participation, informs the public about local government decisions, promotes economic development, advances the arts, and ensures the social welfare of all residents in the Region. We are dedicated to providing the community with a high-quality news product free from influence by revenue, politics, or any other external interests.

About our journalism

Our nonprofit newsroom model is designed to ensure that journalists at the Free Press have the freedom and resources they need to conduct thorough investigations and provide timely, accurate and unbiased reporting. We will prioritize earning the trust of the community by delivering reliable information and insights that are not found anywhere else.

The Free Press publishes daily local news through its website, electronic newsletters, regular focused newsletters, podcasts, video stories, and a strong social media presence in order to inform, connect, engage, and educate the community while upholding journalistic integrity. Provided with reliable information, citizens are empowered to make intelligent decisions, and hold institutions, government, and leaders accountable.

By sharing the stories of our citizens and shedding light on our region’s history, we aim to create a platform that promotes connection and understanding among community members.


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