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We pledge to produce high-quality objective local journalism that informs public decision-making, addresses the quality of life of our community’s citizens, holds our policymakers accountable and tells our readers’ stories by listening to them and making sure they are valued and understood. In all that we do, earning the trust and respect of our audience is paramount. Our reporting will be free to all who access our primary digital channels.

About our journalism

Fort Worth Report is the only nonprofit, nonpartisan news organization in Tarrant
County that provides free access to in-depth local reporting.
We strive to cover our community’s most critical issues with fairness, grit and
empathy, amplifying solutions and fostering civic engagement. We specialize in thoughtful, factual coverage of city and county government, schools, business, healthcare, arts and culture, and other issues that affect quality of life for all of us.
Our refreshing approach to local news is new to Fort Worth and we know we’ll have to
earn your trust by providing useful information that better connects you with your
As a nonprofit newsroom, we need local residents, businesses and philanthropic
institutions to invest in this public service to sustain it.
Please get to know us and support free, fair, local news.


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