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Investigative news is in peril in South Florida. Investigative reporting uncovers injustice, exposes corruption and holds those in public decision-making positions accountable for their actions. Our area’s traditional newsrooms are in melt down. Hedge funds now own our two largest dailies. Staffs have been cut to the bone. More cuts are coming. Citizens who rely on hedge funds to supply our local news are being shortchanged. Florida Bulldog emerged from the turmoil that defines the new media marketplace as a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization in 2009. We keep watchdog journalism alive by paying attention to and publishing important stories that otherwise go uncovered because of shifting priorities and lack of resources in the region’s conventional media outlets. We are an outlier also covering 9/11.

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We have been one of South Florida’s most trusted news sources for more than a decade. We are nonpartisan, independent and not for profit.


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