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Enlace Latino NC’s mission is to empower the diverse community of Latine immigrants in North Carolina to become more involved in the political and social changes that affect them. We do that by publishing independent, non-partisan, public service journalism in Spanish.

About our journalism

With over 1M Latine residents in North Carolina, Enlace Latino NC (ELNC) responds to an urgent need for access to news and information in Spanish. Over 50% of the state’s counties are news deserts, leaving rural and ethnic communities without essential information. ELNC has become a reliable source of news and information for the state’s growing Latine population, serving over 200,000 readers and listeners through various Spanish-language news products such as its website, newsletters, podcast, resource guides, community events, and WhatsApp community.

In addition to these news products, ELNC has produced award-winning investigative and solutions journalism stories that reveal how systems perpetuate the informational void that affects immigrant communities and communities of color. Our efforts have increased civic discourse and engagement for North Carolina’s Latine population by developing accessible, responsive, Spanish-language coverage that equips its communities.


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