Door County Knock

Nonprofit, public service journalism for Door County


Knock advances the truth; centers, and drives understanding of, critical issues that affect Door County residents’ lives; and holds powerful institutions accountable to the people, including by investigating betrayals of the public trust and other abuses of power.

About our journalism

Knock is focused on providing high-quality, public service journalism about the stories Door County needs covered – stories on the issues, institutions and decision-makers that affect residents’ lives. This includes independent coverage of our county government and other institutions. It also includes in-depth reporting on economic and social issues affecting Door County residents, which we do in part to increase public understanding of – and public discourse about – issues that can tend to be avoided.

Door County, like many smaller, tight-knit communities, can have difficulty in looking directly at challenges and publicly discussing them. That’s all the more true because so many residents’ livelihoods depend on the promotion of our community to visitors.

Knock is wholeheartedly committed to the idea that high-quality, reader-supported journalism has a critical role to play in shifting that dynamic – and in helping to build a better-informed, more productive public discourse that leads to solutions.


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