Door County Knock

Nonprofit, community-centered journalism for Door County


Knock advances the truth; centers, and drives understanding of, critical issues that affect Door County residents’ lives; and holds powerful institutions accountable to the people, including by investigating betrayals of the public trust and other abuses of power.

About our journalism

Knock was founded for two reasons. First, we intend to meet Door County’s information needs and provide high-quality public service journalism for our community through independent coverage of local government and other institutions. Second, we are deeply committed to producing honest, fact-driven, in-depth reporting on issues that affect many Door County residents but that few people talk about, including: affordable housing, seasonal unemployment, child care, mental health and substance dependency.

We grew up reading unflinching public service reporting in Door County’s historic community newspapers. We believe Door County has been missing that kind of journalism for a long time. We think Door County deserves — and needs — it again.


Egg Harbor, WI, USA

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