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Documented is a nonprofit newsroom dedicated to covering New York City’s immigrants and the policies that effect their lives.

About our journalism

Documented is a nonprofit news organization that covers immigration in the New York area. We report on and engage with low-income and undocumented immigrants in the New York area who have been historically underserved by media. We converse with immigrant communities, conduct research and publish investigative journalism and useful information that captures a deep and broad picture of the lives of immigrant New Yorkers.

In the last year alone, we produced an award-winning documentary about immigrant New Yorkers amidst the pandemic, uncovered scams surrounding New York’s Excluded Worker’s Fund, broke the story about New Jersey failing to keep promises around closing private detention centers, and told the story of an undocumented construction worker who fell to his death from a luxury high rise for the first time. We publish our stories online, in our newsletter, and via our Spanish-language WhatsApp news service.


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