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Columbia Insight’s mission is to inform and inspire readers with original, balanced journalism about environmental issues affecting the Columbia River Basin. We publish stories that highlight the connection between the environment and all the people who call this place home.

About our journalism

As traditional media in the Pacific Northwest has cut back on or eliminated environmental beat reporting, Columbia Insight often stands as the sole source of unbiased, well reported information on critical issues affecting the region. The importance of Columbia Insight’s role in the Pacific Northwest’s media ecosystem is evidenced by the amount and variety of Columbia Insight articles routinely republished by dozens of news platforms and websites large and small across the region. Columbia Insight contributors include award-winning journalists with national and international pedigree, as well as emerging journalists and voices from communities traditionally under-reprsented in news media. Our remit is to cover any environmental story of relevance to the Columbia River Basin (which takes in parts of five states and British Columbia), but CI pays particular attention to: climate change, natural resources, wildlife, energy, agriculture and Indigenous tribal issues.


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