Connecting New Hampshire


The Granite State News Collaborative is a collective of more than 20 local media, education and community partners working together to produce and share news stories on the issues that most impact our state.
The hope is that together we can provide more information to more communities across New Hampshire than we could individually.

About our journalism

In just the last few years, we have been able to invest more than $420,000 in reporting resources that strengthen our local news partners statewide to the benefit of their communities.
We do this by:
Helping member outlets co-report, coordinate and cross-publish coverage of issues of impact in NH
Providing outlets access to a team of experienced investigative freelance reporters that work directly with our partner editors, to produce in-depth, investigative, accountability and solutions-focused stories, series and projects. These are shared and published statewide.
Training community members & students to cover municipal meetings to fill coverage gaps
Training & vetting student, emerging and freelance journalists to help stock the local newsroom pipeline
Connecting partner newsrooms with news and information produced by nonpartisan community groups, which amplifies new and diverse voices in the public conversation
Professional development and DEI training for newsrooms


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