Strengthening civic health through education, transformational projects, and relational development.


CivicLex is a nonprofit civic education organization that brings daylight to the issues, policies, and procedures that impact Fayette County, Kentucky.

About our journalism

Our civic education work helps residents understand the issues impacting Fayette County and equips them with the knowledge and tools they need to engage with those issues in a meaningful way. Our approach focuses on providing timely information about issues moving through city hall, hosting events that allow residents to learn about broad processes and issues in civic life, and long-term participatory research projects into topics like local redistricting or budgeting.

Our work has been recognized nationally. In the past two years, CivicLex has been featured by the Library of Congress, the National Academy of Public Administration, the Lenfest Institute for Journalism, and many others. We were highlighted as a solution for reimagining American Democracy for the 21st Century in the American Academy of Arts & Sciences’ Our Common Purpose report. We’ve been celebrated in/by PBS NewsHour, Foreign Affairs Magazine, NPR, the Harvard Crimson, and WBUR’s On Point.


Lexington, KY, USA



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