Cecil Public Media

Local People, Local Stories


Our mission/vision has four parts.

Production of news via interviews and reporting on government, schools, culture and business. This includes but is not limited to video, audio and text.

Cultivate citizen journalism through instruction in producing content for and about the community.

Foster, encourage, promote civic engagement with a program that brings people of disparate social and political thinking together to work through the issues that divide them and to learn how to participate as citizens in a democracy.

Through a web site, act as a hub for community activity. Take a transactional approach with other organizations in which they are a source of content and we make them more visible. Develop a managed structure for these relationships.

About our journalism

Cecil County residents who are underserved by media. They need accurate, in-depth reporting on the activities of government, the education system and other issues.


North East, MD, USA



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