California Health Report

Solutions for Health Equity


The California Health Report partners with communities across the state to create solutions journalism that strives for social justice.

Our mission is to report from communities that are disproportionately affected by inequality. We partner with communities of color, immigrants, low-income Californians, domestic violence survivors, people with disabilities and many others to listen to their lived experiences and help them share ideas for making our world more equitable.

About our journalism

Our reporters have firsthand experience with the issues they report on and greatly value allowing their sources to share their stories. We believe in collaborating with our sources in a respectful and trauma-informed way.

We report on health equity issues and how they impact the state’s most vulnerable people. Our work has spurred legislative action, and changed conversations — in Sacramento, at community meetings and around dinner tables.

The California Health Report was founded in 2009 and has been on the forefront of covering health and inequality ever since.

We’re non-partisan, grant-funded and editorially independent.

We’ve received numerous awards. Our stories are cross-published, translated into Spanish, published by ethnic media and picked up by public radio, reaching a state- and nationwide audience.

We’re excited to be here, exploring solutions and sharing stories together.


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