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Block Club Chicago is a nonprofit news organization dedicated to delivering reliable, nonpartisan and essential coverage of Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods.

About our journalism

Our community-focused newsroom was founded in 2018 by former DNAinfo Chicago editors and reporters after the award-winning site was abruptly closed by its billionaire owner in 2017. We set out to create a journalist-run, reader-backed news site that was collaborative, nimble and reflective of and responsive to the city’s neighborhoods.

In less than four years, our newsroom went from a scrappy startup to one of the most respected, read and cited news organizations in Chicago. In 2021, we were named Best News Site (Online Only) by Editor & Publisher.

We did this by showing up every day, as our full-time reporters are embedded in the communities they cover, allowing them to report with context, respect and deep knowledge of a neighborhood instead of parachuting in. This ground-level approach leads to a more accurate portrayal of a neighborhood over time — and earns the trust of our readers.


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