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Welcome to Maryland Matters, the premier site for news about Maryland government and politics. Maryland Matters is an independent, nonprofit and nonpartisan news site. We are not the arm of a profit-seeking corporation. Nor do we have a paywall — we want to keep our work open to as many people as possible. So we rely on the generosity of individuals and foundations to fund our work. Years ago, healthy competition for news out of Annapolis and across the state produced robust coverage. But the media landscape has changed. Newspapers have closed. Suburban bureaus have shut down. Reporting staffs have shrunk. Coverage of state and local news has all but disappeared. Maryland Matters seeks to fill the void with original reporting and commentary. We are deeply grateful to the many kind donors who are supporting us. And with sustained support, we intend to continue our comprehensive coverage — from Ocean City to Oakland, from Capitol Hill to the State House to Baltimore City Hall. We will cover all the importa


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