Deep Indigo Collective

A visual storytelling resource for outlets reporting on the local impacts of the climate crisis.


Deep Indigo Collective’s mission is to provide truthful visual documentation informing discussion around climate change and environmental issues.

About our journalism

Deep Indigo Collective was created as a crucial tool to help catalyze the climate crisis and environmental reporting plans of local newsrooms across the US. This reporting is weakened by the continual loss of local photojournalism resources. Audiences require this core reporting tool to help come to grasp the story of our lifetime. We support our partner newsrooms by providing a full visual storytelling toolkit. From platform-specific photo editing to getting photographers into the field, we tailor these resources to the needs of our partners.

The nonprofit’s commitment to community-focused visuals offers our partner newsrooms a powerful tool in delivering content to their audiences. By working with freelance photojournalists nationwide, our storytelling is created in concert with and specifically for the original reporting of our newsrooms partners. By offering our collaborators a one-stop shop for visual resources, this model is creating stronger local climate reporting and more local photojournalism.


Waxahachie, TX, USA



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